Tuesday, March 1, 2011

O How He loves me

Today is just an "ordinary" day. There is nothing special about today that makes me call out on His name any more than yesterday. Nothing today that would make me stop my daily work in order to pray or invoke others to pray for me. However, oh how he loves me. I have an overwhelming sense that He loves me. I am not in the midst of the dark valley nor am I on the mountaintop. But O how He loves me.
In my study of Isaiah we see in chapter 48 that God seeks not to pour out His anger on us nor does He want to cut us off. He is refining us. He is testing us in the furnace of affliction. Because we are sweet and obedient. NO! It is for His own name sake. I know that Isaiah is referring to Israel here but I could not help but draw great encouragement that the Lord teaches me what is good for me (v. 17). What happened to the wrath and punishment that we deserved because of our sin. Well, it did get poured out but not on us but on Jesus! It is finished!!! O, How He loves me!

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