Saturday, July 10, 2010

Insomnia and the big "4-0"

Ok, this is getting very old...getting up in the middle of the night is becoming the norm. Before long I am going to bite everyone's head off or run off the road in a desperate attempt not to catch a nap. Is it because in 12 days I turn the big 4-0! I used to hate hearing about "old" people talk about how their body wasn't the same and how things were breaking down like they never did before. It feels like age 40 is similar to the day you pay off a car loan. I paid off my car this year and now my passenger window wont come down, my speedometer doesn't work, rearview mirror breaks, CD won't receive CD's and it has a smell about it. It is like my body at "4-0." I went walking for excercise (yes I said excercise, shocking!) only twice so far and my legs, heels and neck ached so bad, perhaps throbbed would be a better word. The sad thing is I didn't walk that far. Scaaaaary!
Oh, well! So be it. One thing I know I want to grow old gracefully. I want to accept the sags and wrinkles and all that "fun" stuff with joy. I realize more and more that God is beautifying me. He sees me differently, rightly. So thankful my faith is not in me or anything this world has to offer. Just want to reflect that faith to my husband and kids daily. Faith that God is real and powerful and willing and able and good and big...very, very big!