Sunday, December 19, 2010

So blessed!

Thirteen years ago the Lord gave me an assignment that I did not know the depths of nor the impact of. He called me to be a mother. I only knew so much in theory, of course. Oh how did I know what it would demand from me and at the same time bless me. In my profile I state the I am a women I never thought I could be. Yes I had wishes, however, they were not expectations. They were hopes and not fulfillments. I had dreams that I never thought would amount to much of anything. Who would think I could be blessed in such a way. Only God!

My Lainey is the fulfillment of a promise. She is they reason I have come to expect and not just wish. She is the reminder that the demands on me are blessings. Emptying of oneself to be filled by the Lord. What a pleasure that has become!

So, that being said Todd and I were able to bless Lainey's birthday with a trip to Chicago. And it really allowed her and me to deepen our relationship, to enjoy each other's company.